Instant Cash Transfer for Everyone

Poni starts with the simple but powerful idea that everyone should be able to send and receive money. In a world where 2.5 billion people (more than 50% of the adult population) don’t have bank accounts, Poni offers a revolutionary instant money transfer product that allows everyone to participate in the financial marketplace.

Poni Empowers Everyone 

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With Poni, anyone can make cash-to-cash transfers quickly, easily, and securely, using the existing ATM network. Poni’s state-of-the-art technology satisfies the highest security certifications.

Real-life Stories Inspired Us

Stories from everyday money senders inspired us — and so we created Poni, a convenient money transfer technology. Here’s our story. Poni gives more people in the world access to a financial tool that will improve their quality of life. Here’s how. 

It’s All About Teamwork

Poni’s Customer Support Team are smart, friendly, caring individuals ready to answer any questions, help to quickly resolve problems, and listen to suggestions.  Poni’s talented team is committed to providing a positive money transfer experience that will make everyone’s life easier and make Poni the go-to technology for sending money.

Poni Answers a Marketplace Need

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