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What is Poni?

Poni is a new technology enabling instant cash transfer. Money transfer services that rely on Poni, enable consumers to quickly and easily send money to family and friends or safeguard money as they travel. Anyone can Poni money — anytime, anywhere. In order to use Poni technology, beneficiaries only need a Poni Cash Card. Poni-enabled products are the best money sending option among millions of people currently underserved or excluded from traditional financial services.

How does Poni work?

When someone uses a money sending service that relies on Poni technology, the sender receives a 12-digit, single-use Poni PIN that represents the remittance. The Poni PIN is sent via text message to the mobile number provided. Poni’s state-of-the-art technology controls and monitors the flow of funds. The receiver inserts a Poni Cash Card in an ATM and keys in the single-use Poni PIN to withdraw the transferred funds.

Where can I buy a Poni PIN?

Users can purchase a Poni PIN at any participating distributor or money remittance service.

How do I obtain a Poni Cash Card?

Customers can obtain a multi-use Poni Cash Card free or for a nominal fee of 5 pesos at any authorized distributor. A Poni Cash Card and Poni PIN give the beneficiary access to their money from ATMs, 24/7, 365 days a year. Call the Poni Customer Care Center for more information: 01-800-288-8818 (Mexico) or 1-877-411-4112 (USA).

How much does Poni cost?

The purchase price of a Poni PIN depends on the specified transfer amount and a pro-rated service fee. The cashier at any authorized distributor or service provider for products using Poni technology will be able to provide the exact cost for each transaction.

How much money can be transferred in one transaction?

Generally, the minimum is $500 pesos and the maximum is $4,000 in increments of $100 pesos. These values may vary depending on the service provider.

Is a bank account or a debit card required to use Poni?

The reusable Poni Cash Card (available at participating retailers) unlocks ATMs; the single-use Poni PIN gives access to the transferred funds.

Does the user pay ATM fees?

No, ATM fees are paid by Poni, although the system will require the receiver to respond “yes” to the ATM service fee prompt when making the withdrawal. With Poni there are no hidden fees, transferred cash is received at full value.

Is the users’ personal information secure with Poni?

Poni is confidential; no personal data is left behind because no forms are required to send or receive money.

What security measures are in place to safeguard transactions?

Poni technology encompasses state-of-the-art security measures. A unique 12-digit Poni PIN helps to safeguard each cash-to-cash transaction.

Where can questions be directed?

Users may call customer service at 01-800-288-8818 (Mexico) or 1-877-411-4112/16 (USA) for courteous and prompt assistance. (Call Center Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00am to 10:00pm | Sat 9:00am to 9:00pm | Sun 10:00am to 6:00pm.)

Terms and Conditions

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Cash Transfer

What can be done if a Poni transaction fails?

In the unlikely event a Poni transaction fails, contact the Poni Customer Care Center via email or call toll free: 01-800-288-8818 (Mexico) or 1-877-411-4112/16 (USA). (Call Center Hours of Operation: M-F 8:00am to 10:00pm | Sat 9:00am to 9:00pm | Sun 10:00am to 5:00pm.)

How can a transaction be canceled?

Users never have to cancel a Poni transaction because any unredeemed transfers can be recovered (minus the Poni PIN purchase price) by simply using the Poni PIN to withdraw the cash at ATMs.

When is the money available?

The transferred cash is available for ATM withdrawal as soon as the SMS with the Poni PIN is received.

How long does the transfer take?

Once a Poni PIN hast been purchased, the cash transfer is immediate and the money is available at ATMs. There is no delay and no waiting in long lines.

Where is the money available?

The money is available at ATMs.

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The Poni Cash Card

Does the Poni Cash Card require activation?

Depending on the service provider / money remittance agent chosen,  customers may or may not have to activate the card. 

How much does a Poni Cash Card cost?

A Poni Cash Card may be purchased for a nominal fee of 5 pesos, or obtained free from certain authorized distributors.

Where can a Poni Cash Card be obtained?

A Poni Cash Card can be obtained at any authorized distributor.

How is the Poni Cash Card used?

The beneficiary can insert the Poni Cash Card to access ATMs. It is also used to gain entrance to any secured, enclosed ATM area.

Can a beneficiary use the Poni Cash Card belonging to a family member or friend?

We require that each user have their own card.

What can be done if a Poni Cash Card is lost or stolen?

If a Poni Cash Card is lost or stolen, the beneficiary should notify our call center and can conveniently obtain a new Poni Cash Card at any authorized distributor.

Can partial withdrawals be made?

Beneficiaries are required to withdraw the full amount of transferred funds. Users cannot elect to make a partial withdrawal, however, if they do not receive the full amount due to an ATM dispensing issue, the balance can be withdrawn in a separate transaction using the same Poni PIN.

Can a Poni Cash Card be used more than once?

Yes. Poni Cash Cards are intended for repeated use.

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The Poni PIN

After receiving a Poni PIN, how soon can the cash be withdrawn?

Immediately; Poni makes the cash available for withdrawal as soon as a Poni PIN is purchased. The time it takes depends only on when the recipient decides to pick it up.

How is the Poni PIN shared with the beneficiary?

After purchase/transfer, the 12-digit Poni PIN is immediately sent via text message to the cellular number provided. The PIN can also be shared by phone, e-mail, or text a Poni PIN with the receiver.

Can a credit card be used to purchase a Poni PIN?

No, cash is the only acceptable form of payment for a Poni PIN.

What happens if the Poni PIN is lost or forgotten?

The Poni Customer Care Center is available at 01-800-288-8818 (Mexico) or 1-877-41-4112 (USA). A receipt is required as proof of purchase and verification that the money has not been withdrawn.

Can a reimbursement be requested for a Poni PIN?

Users never have to request reimbursement of a Poni PIN. They just visit an ATM to withdraw the cash.

Should the purchase receipt be saved?

Yes, the receipt is proof of transfer until the receiver has picked up the transferred funds and the information printed on the ticket will be required in case there is a need to contact Customer Care. The Poni PIN is the equivalent of cash.

Does a Poni PIN expire?

No, the unique 12-digit Poni PIN never expires.

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