Your Customer Beneficiaries Receive Cash Instantly From Any ATM —

Poni’s person-to-person cash transfer technology is a simple, secure alternative to traditional banking services or online money transfer. When you sell Poni, you sell both reusable Poni Cash Cards (provided free of charge to your stores) and twelve-digit Poni PINs. This is all that beneficiaries need to pick up money from ATMs. The amount sent is the amount received — no surprise fees.

Poni’s Unique Technology Enables Your Customers To Decide When, Where, And Who Picks Up The Cash

Step 1:

Beneficiaries pick up a reusable Poni Cash Card from your store or other authorized locations to access ATMs.

Step 2:

Beneficiaries insert their Poni Cash Card into the ATM.

Step 3:

Beneficiaries key in the Poni PIN and accept the ATM service fee (even though it will be paid by Poni).

Step 4:

The transferred cash is dispensed at full value.

Poni: Making Cash Transfers Personal

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