Terms and Conditions

The money transfer service carried out using the Poni® brand prepaid product shall adhere to the following Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy. These Terms and Conditions are provided only for informational purposes for the final user of the a product and card issued by a bank.

1. Definitions.

  • American Cash – refers to American Cash de las Americas, S.A. de C.V.
  • Commissions – this is the agreed fee for commercialization of the Poni PINs to be paid by the Sender.
  • Page – refers to the American Cash website: poni.mx.
  • Poni PIN – this is the twelve (12) digit access code issued by American Cash that, together with the Cash card, is used to send money from abroad or within Mexican Territory.
  • Point of Sale – this is the establishment in which Poni PINs are to be offered for sale.
  • Services – this refers to the group of services that American Cash provides by means of the Poni System.
  • Poni Cash Card – this refers to the Poni card issued by the Issuing Bank in Mexico, which shall be used together with the Poni PIN to receive the money that is sent.
  • User – this refers to the person who utilizes the services offered by American Cash.
  • Sender – this refers to the person who purchases the Poni PIN for the purpose of sending money by means of the Poni System.
  • Receiver – this refers to the person who, utilizing a Poni PIN and a Poni Cash Card, receives the money associated with this Poni PIN in a cash machine.

2. Services.

The Poni money transfer system functions in the following manner:

  • The Sender purchases a prepaid Poni PIN in denominations of multiples of $100.00 MXN in amounts from $500.00 MXN to $3,000.00 MXN.
  • The Poni PIN is sent via text message to the mobile phone numbers provided by the Sender. Upon purchasing a Poni PIN, you automatically authorize us to send text messages to the numbers you provide. If you do not wish to receive these text messages, we suggest that you do not purchase a Poni PIN in establishments where the only method of delivery of the Poni PIN is by means of text messages.
  • The Sender send the number provided in the Poni PIN, to the Receiver who, using a Poni Cash card goes to any cash machine in Mexico, enters the Poni PIN and withdraws the money associated with this Poni PIN.
  • Poni PINs are single-use 100% of the money associated with them must be withdrawn, as balances may not be maintained in Poni system.
  • The maximum transfer amount utilizing the Poni system is $3,000.00 MXN daily and up to USD $ 1,500 monthly.
  • Poni Cash Cards are not bank cards and may solely be used to withdraw the amounts associated with Poni PINs in cash machines in Mexico.

3. Commissions.

The applicable commissions upon purchasing a prepaid Poni PIN are paid by the Sender at the Points of Sale and may vary according to the establishment.

Amount sent Commission
$500.00 – $1,000.00 $60
$1,100.00 – $3,000.00 6% of amount sent

4. Transaction Identification System.

Poni gathers information related to each transaction carried out using Poni Cash Cards and Poni PINs in real time. This information is analyzed and stored in databases and may be utilized for detection of suspicious or illegal transactions and money laundering, in accordance with the provisions of applicable law. In particular, each transaction is subject to certain analysis during the activation of the Poni PIN and during the withdrawal process in the respective cash machine. Both events are reviewed to identify possible suspicious transaction attempts prior to authorizing the corresponding transactions.When American Cash deems fit for purposes of compliance with applicable legislation or any other reason, it may require the following information from any Poni System user:

  • Full name
  • Birthdate, place of birth
  • Address of residence
  • Mobile phone number
  • Email
  • Marital Status
  • Nationality
  • Occupation
  • Activity or line of business of the User
  • Official identification number
  • Copy of User’s official identification
  • Profession
  • Social Security Number
  • Taxpayer ID
  • Advanced electronic signature serial number

American Cash, in accordance with applicable legislation, is required to identify certain Users and present information on the transactions they make using the Poni System through Transaction Reports to the National Banking and Securities Commission. As a result, in addition to gathering the information mentioned in the previous paragraph, American Cash reserved the right to freeze certain transactions when suspected that they may result in illicit operations or money laundering.In order to prevent these illicit operations, the Poni PIN, the Cash Card or both are frozen in, including but not limited to, the following cases:

  • Any attempt to withdraw money using a Poni Cash Card that reaches a withdrawal total exceeding $13,000.00 MXN on a given day.
  • Any attempt to withdraw money using a Poni Cash Card that generates withdrawal total exceeding $21,000.00 MXN in a period of 30 consecutive days with said card.
  • In any attempt to withdraw money using a previously frozen Poni PIN, cash withdrawals will be denied and the Poni Cash Card used for said transaction will be frozen.
  • In any attempt to withdraw money using a previously frozen Poni Cash Card, the cash withdrawal will be denied and the Poni PIN used for said transaction will be frozen.

In the aforementioned cases where American Cash freezes the Poni PIN or Poni Cash Card, the Receiver shall communicate our customer service department to ask for advice on how to free up or unfreeze the funds.

5. Use and Restrictions.

Access to or use of this website and internet as well as the purchase of a Poni PIN or Poni Cash Cards imply total adhesion and without reserves of the User to current Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy. Through the website the User will have access to all Services and Commissions offered by the Poni System as well as any modification of same. In view of this, American Cash shall have the right to modify the Services and Commissions by means of adjustments to the information contained in the website.

6. Data Privacy Notice.

All the information gathered by American Cash on the User shall be treated with strict confidentiality according to the applicable legal provisions. To read our Privacy Notice and obtain more information regarding the protection of your personal information, visit our website at poni.mx.

7. Intellectual Property.

All intellectual property rights related to the Services and distinguishing signs and Website dominions such as the rights of use and exploitation of same, including disclosure, publication, reproduction, distribution and transformation, are property of American Cash. The User obtains no rights whatsoever to the intellectual property for the simple use of Poni System Services or for accessing the Website and at no time may said use be considered as authorization or license to utilize the Services for other purposes than those specified in the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy.

8. Allowed Uses.

The use of the Services offered by the Poni System is the exclusive responsibility of the User who, in all cases, shall utilize them in accordance with the operations permitted on the website to authorized users in the current Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy, taking responsibility to adhere to the standards published on Internet, the laws of the United Mexican States, current legislation of the country in which the User utilizes the services, good manners, personal dignity and third party rights. The website is intended for individual use by the User, due to which the Services offered by the Poni System may in no manner be commercialized.

9. Restrictions.

The User does not have the right to insert hyperlinks on or dispose of same from the Website or place or utilize the Services on personal Websites or those of third parties without prior written authorization by American Cash. Likewise, the User shall have no right to limit or prevent any other User’s from using the Website.

10. Use of Non-Confidential Information.

Through the use of the Page and the services, the User authorizes American Cash to use, publish, reproduce, disclose, publicly communicate and transmit non-confidential and non-individual information, in the terms established in article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law and article 76 bis, section I of the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

11. Modifications.

American Cash shall have the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy in any moment. As a result, the User shall closely read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy when utilizing the Website and/or Services offered by the Poni System. Certain Services offered to the Users in an/or through the Website are subject to certain particular conditions that substitute, complete and/or modify the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy. In accordance with applicable legislation, certain services require the installation of protective tools for the requested information, due to which service shall be denied in the event that the required installation is rejected.

12. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction.

For the interpretation, fulfillment and execution of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy, the User agrees that the Federal Laws of the United Mexican States and current legislation of Mexico City courts shall be applicable, thus expressly renouncing any other authority or jurisdiction that may correspond due to his or her present or future addresses or any other cause.